what is the digital marketing?

דיגיטל מרקטינג טיפים בדיגיטל מאמרים מקצועיים

The digital marketing or online marketing has other widely used, such meanings as 2.0 marketing , Internet marketing, cybermarketing or Cybermarketing. T and we will help you understand what it is and how it can help your business goals. The online marketing has the same objective as the offline or traditional marketing, only using new technologies and network. It is a system that allows to promote the products or services of the advertiser online, through platforms and tools strategically and aligned with the general marketing strategy of the company.

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4 important factors to launch a Digital Marketing campaign
Do you want to launch an online marketing campaign and do not know where to start? Here we leave you the 4 essential points that your brand has to take into account before starting to spend the marketing budget. Although if you are in the hands of an online marketing agency, they will be responsible for advising you correctly. How we do in Cyberclick.

Usability . The website or the landing page in which the service or product of the brand is promoted must be highly efficient. Its usability has to facilitate the conversion to purchase and not the other way around, that is, to be very intuitive. If the abandonment rate goes up, it will be necessary to review the usability of a page and its design.

Template or graphic design. The expression "buy by the eyes" enters directly into this section and gives it meaning. We are a visual species, for this reason the design of the page that promotes the product or service must be very attractive visually and what is being sold should stand out above the other components of the page. Look for everything to be clear, simple, direct, attractive and avoid extravagances. Seeks to love the final consumer with everything you develop within your digital marketing strategy .

Search engines. These platforms or webs are responsible for putting order to all the information that exists on the internet indexing it and facilitating searches to users. How can you integrate them into your online marketing strategy? In 2 ways: through SEO and SEM. The first concept refers to the organic or natural positioning of your product or service website and the second point is to appear in the payment results (it also receives the name of pay per click, PPC, or promoted advertisements).

Promotional actions. Internet offers you exclusive channels to carry out your digital marketing actions, such as: Social Ads or advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn), branded content or content marketing (blogs and online media) , email marketing , apps or mobile applications or digital advertising (banners).

How to create a digital marketing plan?
The environment. Thoroughly study the market and competition before starting the strategy.

Hearing . Be very clear who we are going to, to be able to define the target well and create the right segmentations of the audience in view of the good impact of the ads.

Objectives . What do we want to achieve? Align online goals with those of the business.

Strategy . The digital marketing strategy gives us a global vision of the actions, but we have to cover them with a creativity that takes away our message.

Sales Define the steps for the online user to become a customer, taking into account the conversion funnel and the Buyer Journey . That the way is easy, will increase the conversions!

Loyalty Getting a new client is difficult, but also keep the ones you already have. Make them faithful to you for a long time.

Budget. Distribute the budget between different channels, always thinking where we will achieve more impact among our audience.

Technology. The online environment offers many tools. Use them and make the most of your budget. We are entering the era of Tech Marketing and we must keep this in mind when creating our online marketing strategy .

KPIs Define your metrics or results indicators (kpi's) well. This way you can measure how the actions evolve and modify them in real time if any variable does not meet your expectations. It is about being able to optimize the campaign at all times, without substantial losses in the budget and getting it to give the best return, with an adjusted cost.

Conclusions Metrics + results = being able to draw conclusions. This way you can constantly improve the marketing strategy.

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