What is marketing? Definition, advantages and how it works

דיגיטל מרקטינג טיפים בדיגיטל מאמרים מקצועיים

Marketing is an English word that means marketing or marketing in Spanish. Although it has a more widespread use, and already accepted, the English word. So, throughout the content we will mention this strategy as marketing.

This discipline is responsible for studying the behavior of markets and the needs of consumers . Analyze the commercial management of the companies in order to attract, attract, retain and retain the final customers through the satisfaction of their desires and resolution of their problems.

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The 4 Ps of marketing
The 4 Ps of marketing is a simple formula to identify and work on the essential elements of your marketing strategy , according to EJ McCarthy.

Product or service (Product). It is the root of every marketing strategy , since it is the key to satisfy the wishes of the target audience . What we as a company can offer them so that they can meet their expectations. Nowadays it is better to define the product or service from the needs and motivations of the consumer and the benefits that it brings, and not so much from the characteristics or attributes of the object.
Point of sale or distribution (Place). The strategic places of commercialization can go from an online store (ecommerce or marketplace) to a chain of distribution with physical stores in several places and countries. The purpose of the distribution strategy is to enable potential customers to easily access the product or service and provide a good brand experience in the purchase process.

Price (Price) The price that we will put on our product or service is a very important decision within the marketing strategy . Because of it depend factors such as:
The margin that we hope to obtain
To which target do we want to position ourselves: What purchasing power do our consumers have? Do we want to enter the luxury market or bet on the mass sale?
The economic objectives of the company
What prices does the competition and possible substitute products put
Trends and trends
Increase in the price to give a higher quality image
Promotion (Promotion). Are all those marketing and communication actions that we carry out to spread the characteristics and benefits of our product or service. This way we can increase sales.
How we understand Marketing in Cyberclick
The marketing are all those strategies and actions that help companies achieve their objectives, to improve their sales and profits will be increased and their brand perception. We breathe and carry marketing and advertising in our DNA. We are experts in attracting users through the marketing of recruitment to the websites or landing pages of our clients. We are a performance marketing agency . We analyze each new project that comes to us and if we see that it is viable, then we ensure certain results according to the objectives set by the advertiser. But what is special about this methodology? Because the client only pays when there are results obtained.

How can we help?
We advise how to optimize your online marketing strategy and how to distribute your budget in the best way.

We mark your steps and exceed your expectations.
We have analytical vision and we react in the shortest possible time.
Always testing We guarantee the best impact by studying each experiment – campaign or announcement – making multiple tests, to find what factors work best and continuously optimize your online marketing.
We increase the number of users happy with your brand and the experience they have had with you.
We analyze results continuously, in real time, thanks to technology and artificial intelligence.
Surely all this information has helped you to organize your ideas and know a little more what marketing is , how we conceive online marketing in Cyberclick and the concepts that you should not lose sight of today.

Marketing Plan : Discover the meaning of this concept, why it is necessary to design a good marketing plan and the keys to create the best one. Without a marketing plan you can not achieve the objectives set by the company or brand.
Digital Marketing or Online Marketing : The digital marketing or even online marketing is the discipline of marketing that focuses on developing a strategy only in the digital environment.
Direct Marketing : The direct marketing or direct marketing is a type of campaign to trigger a result against a certain audience, based on direct and two – way communication.
Email Marketing : Bet on one of the marketing techniques with more profitability and effectiveness in terms of return. Send emails to your audience and define your segmentation very well.
Viral Marketing : Content that goes viral is the dream of any brand.

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